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Exe Estury

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October 2009
I recently moved house. I swapped my main road flat for a nice penthouse apartment with Exe estuary views.

My work station now is in the recess of my lounge which is a dormer and looks out over the Exe estuary. I can sit here and work on my PC and hear the Wigeon whistling and the Geese honking and glance out of the window to view the estuary

I have a little visitor every morning. I call him Waggy. He is a pied Wagtail and sits on the corner of the roof below my window and calls to other Wagtails.

The Estuary is alive with Wigeon, Mallards, Pintails and Brent Geese, Curlews, Oyster catchers and soon there will be Turnstones plus a multitude of migratory waders, they will feed on the Eel-grass beds until December when they will be off again.

I was beginning to get stiff joints from lack of exercise so I went out for a bike ride with my camera along the estuary cycle track beside the railway and a farm where I saw a male Stonechat and took a nice clear photo.

Two months ago there were Whitethroats. They have moved on, and then last month there were Wheatears, they have moved on now we have Stonechats, the Swallows have gone as well now.

Obviously a favourite spot of mine as all the little migrating birds seem to like this spot. There are bramble bushes each side of the railway track and the estuary cycle track

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