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Dipper Goldeneye Bucephala clangula (M, F Juv) Puffins at Bempton Cliffs Waxwing - Bombycilla garrulus Daisies

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These sections are for quality photos to aid recognition, please post identification requests and photos in the main forum identification section. - Please include latin name in title.
Image Yellowhammer - Embiriza citrinella
Photo category for small birds from Finches to Warblers, Tits to Buntings and Small members of the Thrush family.
Image Great Grey Shrike - Lanius...
Category for all Medium and Large birds, from Raven to Thrush, Jay to pigeon or Dove
Great Grey Shrike - Lanius...
Posted By rolf
01-04-2012 Go
Image Sparrowhawk - Accipiter nisus
Category for all Raptors, from Eagles to Falcons, Hawks to Owls
Sparrowhawk - Accipiter nisus
Posted By joe
05-09-2011 Go
Image Puffins at Bempton Cliffs
Category for any Birds which live around Lakes, Rivers and the Coast
Puffins at Bempton Cliffs
Posted By rolf
07-05-2017 Go
Image Whooper Swans - Cygnus cygnus at...
This section is for bird photos which we don't yet have in the Gallery, but which are perhaps not quite reference quality.
Section for wildlife photographs other than birds
Image Ratty at Arundel
Category for all photographs of Mammals
Ratty at Arundel
Posted By Bimbocat
17-07-2011 Go
Image Grass snake
Category for Reptiles and Amphibians
Grass snake
Posted By Sydney2
25-09-2009 Go
Image Rose Chafer Beetle - Cetonia aurata
Category for Insect and Invertebrate photos, including macro photos of the same
Image Small Copper -  Lycaena phlaeas
Category for Butterfly, Moth and Caterpillar photographs
Small Copper - Lycaena phlaeas
Posted By rolf
05-07-2011 Go
Image Migrant Hawker - Aeshna mixta
Category for Dragonfly and Damselfly phtographs
Migrant Hawker - Aeshna mixta
Posted By rolf
16-09-2010 Go
Image dive dive dive - grebe
Section for wildlife action photos, whether birds in flight, or other wildlife running, jumping, swimming or doing something unusual.
dive dive dive - grebe
Posted By pluckyfilly
08-03-2010 Go
Image Wokingham Town Hall
Category for those who enjoy taking and viewing Landscape and Seascape photographs
Wokingham Town Hall
Posted By k.sly
03-02-2013 Go
Image East Beach Cafe
Category Industrial and Architectural photography
East Beach Cafe
Posted By k.sly
04-06-2015 Go
Image Golden hour
Section for plant, tree and fungi photos, plus macro photos of the same
Golden hour
Posted By k.sly
23-10-2014 Go
Image portrait not sure of ID
This section is for any photos you wish to upload, whether it be for linking to on an outside site, for an [IMG] link on the main forum, or perhaps one you just want to show everyone. :)
portrait not sure of ID
Posted By pluckyfilly
05-04-2010 Go

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