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Thread: Guide To Using A Bird Window Feeder

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    Default Guide To Using A Bird Window Feeder

    A great way to get up close to the wild birds in your garden is by introducing a window feeder. Whether you are a seasoned feeder or a beginner, a window feeder is perfect for bringing birds closer.

    After a while, you’ll begin to easily recognise individual birds: the male Nuthatch has a distinctive russet colour just below the wing. In male Great Tits the black stripe extends between the legs and look out for odd yellow feathers in the cheeks of Blue Tits. Plus, you’ll notice the behavior of different species - like the tiny Coal Tits coming in to take seed after seed and hoarding them somewhere in the garden for later.

    One of the main worries when introducing a window feeder can be that birds do occasionally strike windows. To help you avoid any accidents, there is some valuable advice dispersed below.

    1.) Before you attach your new window feeder, stand back and think like a bird. Do the mirror-like reflections make it appear as if there is an obvious escape route which may cause them to hit the glass?

    2.) You can either move your other bird feeders well away from the window or bring them closer. The second suggestion seems strange but, if you feed very close to the house, birds don't have time to get up to great speeds before hitting the glass.

    3.) Look at flight-lines that might tempt birds to try to fly through your conservatory or house and consider if you can reduce the problems with a net curtain, some bird silhouettes on the windows or moving the feeders.

    4.) Install UV stickers onto your windows to help the glass surface stand out. Less obtrusive than the traditional black stick-on silhouettes, they make use of the fact that we cannot see UV images but birds can.

    5.) And of course, dirty windows are less reflective!

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    There are some very good points there, Rolf - setting feeders nearer windows wouldn't allow the birds to get up to speed before hitting them, thus could be safer in the end, plus I'd like to check out those UV stickers as I hate black silhouettes.

    Of course, leaving the windows mucky certainly appeals a lot too!

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    Yes, I'm limited as to where the feeders can go, I use the window UV stickers and they are excellent, although only really last for 12 months, mine need changing.

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