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Thread: converting files to Audio to upload to forum`

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    Default converting files to Audio to upload to forum`

    Hi, I've got a video clip (.AVI file) and wld like to convert it to an audio file so that I can upload it to this forum to find out what a bird sound is. (According to the instructions I think I probably need it to be an .MP3 or .WMV file). I wonder if someone could tell me how to do this please?

    OR, tell me how to convert a .WMA file to an appropriate audio file? (I created the .wma file by recording the video clip using Vista's sound recorder).

    Thanks very much.

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    Hi, welcome to the forum.

    If you download Audacity and set it to record "what you hear" whilst playing your file, you can then export it as an MP3 file from Audacity.

    Or you can zip the file and upload it.

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    Thanks very much Rolf, I did the zip file method and hope that works. I've posted a message to the identifying birds section.

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