Just a few simple rules and guidelines for using the forum


  • When registering, make sure you provide a valid Email address, as activation codes will be sent to that address as a clickable link, if you don't receive one, please first check your bulk or junk mail folder
  • There is an option to enter your Real name, this is for the name you would like to be called on the forum other than your username, normally your first name. You don't have to enter anything here, but we are a friendly forum and most people like to be called by their real name

Thread and Message Posting

  • We are a forum for all age groups, so please bear this in mind when posting and use moderate language
  • When starting a thread, please make your title reflects the thread subject
  • If posting in an existing thread, as a matter of courtesy to the originator, please try and keep on topic, off topic posts may be removed.
  • Please don't Hijack threads, best to start your own thread if the subject of your post is not on topic.
  • If you disagree with something another member has posted, please do so in a measured and courteous manner
  • For non Wildlife related chat, please use the Meeting Place section
  • If you have joined this forum purely to advertise a business or venture, please be warned that spam is moderated and will never appear on the forum

Posting photos

  • If you are unsure how to upload an image, please see How to post photographs on the forum
  • Please make sure photos are not larger than 1280 pixels on the longest dimension, larger photos will not upload
  • The photo sections are for photographs taken by our members, please don't post photos from other sources
  • Please don't use [IMG] code to link to photos from outside sources, use the upload facility. [IMG] code may be used to link from our Gallery

Private Messaging and Chat Box

  • Due to past abuse, Private messaging, or PM as it is often referred to, is not available until 1 month of membership and achieving a certain level of posts
  • The forum Live Chat Box is available after 1 month and achieving a certain level of posts, this is designed for casual chats, please keep wildlife discussions in the main forum